Tales of the Talalay
This page is the beginning of the TALALAY family website.

There is only one Jewish family with this name; all are related and descend from Rabbis Mikhl, Leib, Aron Zelig.

This will contain the history of our family, family trees, photographs and links to family members around the world.

With roots in Spain, this Jewish family made its way to Mogilev, Belarus, to the tiny shtetl of Vorotinschtina/Zaverezhye, with another branch established in Novgorod Severskiy, Chernigov, Ukraine.

Today, its members live around the world in many countries. In America, the name has been changed to TOLLIN, TALLIN, TALL, TOLL, and even FEINSTEIN (in Philadelphia).

Schelly Talalay Dardashti has been researching her family since 1989 and has had great success locating relatives and obtaining archival records. There is a DNA Surname Project underway to assist where the paper trail is inconclusive.

If you are related to the TALALAY,  or want more information, please contact Schelly at the email below.
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